Exclusive Interview: Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir hosts Peacock’s Eurovision coverage “it’s a big pride festival of uniqueness & bravery”

In recent years the USA has finally been waking up to the camp majesty of the Eurovision Song Contest, partly thanks to 2020's Netflix film, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, and the second season of Drag Race UK's tribute, The RuRuvision Song Contest, which spawned the hit track UK Hun? Which was... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview: Owen Lach on his queer sci-fi novel Founder’s Mercy “I imagine a future where you can be queer or trans & it won’t matter”

Owen Lach is a screenwriter and playwright whose debut novel Founder's Mercy (out now) is a queer sci-fi adventure set in a world where sexuality and gender are not questioned, instead the characters deal with other more world-changing issues. The Queer Review’s Chad Armstrong caught up with him to discuss Founder's Mercy and find out... Continue Reading →

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