Tech Review: Facebook Portal

Facebook Portal has hit the market with a new range, as the social media giant continues to pivot into smart-home-tech and steal some market space from Apple, Google and Amazon. Portal isn't simply a videophone (you’ve got the Beyonce song in your head now haven’t you?), there’s more to it, but that’s the core of... Continue Reading →

LFF 2019 Film Review: Moffie ★★★★★

Oliver Hermanus' Moffie is getting rave reviews and it's understandable, this South African film hits at the intersection of homophobia, immature masculinity and racist culture. Based on André Carl van der Merwe's autobiographical story about his time in the military during Apartheid, Moffie features an outstanding cast of young actors and some wonderful visuals. The... Continue Reading →

LFF 2019 Film Review: Sid & Judy ★★★★

Judy Garland was a survivor, and the documentary Sid & Judy documents her tenacity and talent through her post-MGM years and what she calls her “184 comebacks". Mixing live footage, Garland’s own personal audio recordings, the memoirs of her third husband and manager Sid Luft, and narration by Jennifer Jason Lee and Jon Hamm, Sid... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Downton Abbey ★★★

Lady Edith posing in her underwear! Butler Barrow exploring the seedy gay underworld! Mrs Patmore spilling sauce! It’s high-drama at Downton Abbey as King George and Queen Mary come to stay for the night. It is perhaps telling that in the world of Downton Abbey the threat of an assassination attempt is less important than... Continue Reading →

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