TV Review: Fellow Travelers ★★★★★

Created by Oscar-nominated Philadelphia screenwriter Ron Nyswaner, based on the novel by Thomas Mallon, the eight-episode Showtime miniseries Fellow Travelers is an exquisitely crafted work of queer historical fiction. With a nuanced gay love story at its centre, it is a captivating, sweeping, and deeply moving epic that takes in the Lavender Scare of the... Continue Reading →

MQFF33 Film Review: Our Son ★★★★

Luke Evans and Billy Porter deliver powerful performances in writer-director Bill Oliver’s gay divorce drama Our Son. Bringing to mind classics like Kramer vs Kramer and the more recent Marriage Story, Our Son adds the well-observed specificity of middle-class gay city life into the fraught mix.  Gabriel (Porter) and Nicky (Evans) have a seemingly picture... Continue Reading →

MQFF33 Film Review: Birder ★★★

Nate Dushku's gay erotic thriller Birder may not be particularly thrilling, or erotic, but it does provide an abundance of nudity on screen. Think of it as The Talented Mr. Strip-ley. Kristian Brooks (Michael Emery, who put me in mind of James Norton with the voice of Jonathan Groff) is a drifter, lurking around campsites... Continue Reading →

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