Film Review: Firebird ★★★1/2

Based on the memoir of Sergey Fetisov, Peeter Rebane's achingly romantic Firebird is released in US theaters today. After receiving its world premiere at last year's BFI Flare, the film went on be a queer festival hit, garnering award recognition along the way including honorable mention for Best First Feature at Frameline and snatching wins... Continue Reading →

TV Review: Heartstopper ★★★★

At first glance, Alice Oseman's beautifully heartwarming Heartstopper which launches today on Netflix, based on her hit graphic novels, feels like a throwback to much-loved 90s British films about gay teens like Beautiful Thing and Get Real. Although this series does share much of the feel-good quality of those movies and a similar focus on... Continue Reading →

TV Review: The Newsreader ★★★★★

Award-winning Australian miniseries, The Newsreader (released domestically in 2021 and getting its US debut now on Roku Channel) is something of a bait and switch act. The critically acclaimed drama about the 80s television news scene starts off as a look at the sexism and racism surrounding the Australian broadcasting industry before revealing its gay... Continue Reading →

988 1/2 Weeks – Film Review: Deep Water ★★★

It’s been almost 20 years since Adrian Lyne’s last feature film, Unfaithful, and a lot has changed in cinema. The hyper-successful 80s and 90s erotic thrillers virtually disappeared or were relegated to cheap, straight-to- [insert non-cinema format here]. Along with them went the romcoms and the wacky adventure blockbusters like When Harry Met Sally and... Continue Reading →

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