LFF 2019 Film Review: Rare Beasts ★★★

“Money. Cock. Promotion.” Welcome to the inner thoughts of British women! Beloved British actress Billie Piper (Doctor Who, Penny Dreadful, Yerma) takes the reigns, acting as writer, director and star of the fantastically dark, anti-rom-com, Rare Beasts. The film opens with a dinner where Mandy (Piper) and her date Pete (Leo Bill) attack each other... Continue Reading →

LFF 2019 Film Review: Yves Saint Laurent: The Last Collections ★★★1/2

Controversially suppressed for nearly two decades, Olivier Meyrou’s documentary (also known as Celebration) is finally seen, and the picture it paints is a melancholy one. Filmed over the course of Yves Saint-Laurent’s final collections in 1998 (a decade before he would pass away), the documentary was subsequently blocked by Pierre Bergé, Saint-Laurent’s partner in life... Continue Reading →

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