Exclusive Interview: Fellow Travelers stars Noah J. Ricketts & Jelani Alladin “this miniseries is a revolution”

Ron Nyswaner's exquisitely crafted work of queer historical fiction, Fellow Travelers, is a compelling and deeply moving epic miniseries that takes in the Lavender Scare of the 1950s and follows its repercussions in the lives of those directly affected through the following decades, taking in the post-Stonewall period of liberation in the 70s up to... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview: Not Looking co-creators & stars Jonathan Burke, Delius Doherty & Ahmad Maksoud “we want to explore how we love ourselves as gay men of colour”

Fresh, sexy, and necessary, Not Looking takes an insightful and entertaining look at the lives of three newly single gay men of colour in New York City—best friends Olu (Delius Doherty), Brandon (Jonathan Burke), and Sharif (Ahmad Maksoud)—who make a pact to stay out of romantic relationships for a year in order to support each... Continue Reading →

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