Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023 Theatre Review: It’s a Motherf**king Pleasure (Underbelly Bristo Square) ★★★★★

A sharply-pointed satire that is not afraid to make the audience uncomfortable, It's a Motherf**king Pleasure takes aim at assumptions about disability, ableism, and the knots people tie themselves in trying to always say the "right" thing. Aarian Mehraban, Samuel Brewer and Chloe Palmer in It's a Motherf**king Pleasure. Photo Credit: Alex Brenner. This show... Continue Reading →

TV Review: 4 Feet High ★★★★

4 Feet: Blind Date, which gave viewers the perspective of a teenage wheelchair user, won Best Narrative VR Film at SXSW 2019. It has since spawned 4 Feet High, a six-part Argentinian high school set made-for-television series and an accompanying four-part VR series, both of which world premiered at this year's Sundance, with the first... Continue Reading →

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