988 1/2 Weeks – Film Review: Deep Water ★★★

It’s been almost 20 years since Adrian Lyne’s last feature film, Unfaithful, and a lot has changed in cinema. The hyper-successful 80s and 90s erotic thrillers virtually disappeared or were relegated to cheap, straight-to- [insert non-cinema format here]. Along with them went the romcoms and the wacky adventure blockbusters like When Harry Met Sally and... Continue Reading →

TV Review: Euphoria ★★★★

Imagine dark, sexy teen drama Riverdale - now replace their euphemistic fictional drug Jingle Jangle with the real stuff and you’ve got something closer to HBO’s Euphoria which has just wrapped its US run and is preparing to launch in the UK on Sky Atlantic this week. Zendaya lays her former life as a Disney... Continue Reading →

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