Sundance 2021 Film Review: Pleasure ★★★★

As twenty year-old Bella Cherry (Sofia Kappel) arrives in Los Angeles from her native Sweden she's asked by a US customs agent whether the purpose of her visit is 'business or pleasure', with her momentarily delayed reply giving director Ninja Thyberg's stunning debut feature, co-written with Peter Modestij, its title. Pleasure, which expands on Thyberg's... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview: Showgirls doc You Don’t Nomi filmmaker Jeffrey McHale “it’s absurd, it’s vulgar, it’s beautiful, it’s offensive – there are a lot of layers that queer people respond to”

The multi Razzie Award winning Showgirls is as fervently revered as it is reviled. It has spawned a stage musical homage, legendary interactive screenings hosted by drag queen Peaches Christ and even a book of verse. But those who love it aren't blind to its flaws, including filmmaker Jeffrey McHale whose documentary exploring the film's... Continue Reading →

Film Review: You Don’t Nomi ★★★1/2

The movie Showgirls is infamous. It’s burnt its way into the pop consciousness in a way that few films do. Now Showgirls-apologist Jeffrey McHale is here with You Don’t Nomi, a documentary that forces you to re-examine the film. Is it a glorious flop, a misunderstood masterpiece or something else entirely? The treatise behind You... Continue Reading →

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