Rotten Tomatoes works to Broaden and Diversify its Tomatometer Approved Critics

Rotten Tomatoes, the go-to resource for many moviegoers and TV watchers announced today the results of several year-long initiatives aimed at broadening and diversifying the critical voices reflected in its Tomatometer rating system. In August 2018, Rotten Tomatoes revamped their critics criteria for its Tomatometer rating system with an increased focus on critics’ individual qualifications,... Continue Reading →

An Alliance is Born – Critics Groups for Equality in Media

Six national critics organisations that champion underrepresented yet influential voices in entertainment journalism have joined forces to form Critics Groups for Equality in Media (CGEM), a professional coalition seeking to improve awareness of the value of women, people of colour and LGBTQ journalists who cover the worlds of film and television. CGEM seeks to improve engagement with studios, networks,... Continue Reading →

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