Swoosh! – Film Review: Air ★★★★

I’m not the world’s biggest sports fan, although give me two weeks of Olympic Games and I’ll watch almost every solo event. I enjoy watching people push past their own limits, seeing the years and years of training right there in the focus of their hard stares and that beautiful release when they stick their... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview: Guilty Party star Jules Latimer “half the reason I got into this business is to see more people like me that are open & out & proud”

The first two episodes of creator Rebecca Addelman's gripping dark comedy drama Guilty Party premiere on Paramount+ on Thursday October 14th. Making an auspicious screen debut in the ten-part series is recent Juilliard graduate Jules Latimer who gives an impactful, nuanced performance as Toni Plimpton, a woman known in the media as "The Dick Cutter",... Continue Reading →

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