Craving more Madonna? James Derek Dwyer gives Dan De Leon & Anthony Griego’s Crave Remix a spin

Madonna’s Madame X has had remixers working overtime over the last few months. The Queer Review’s James Derek Dwyer gives Dan De Leon & Anthony Griego’s Crave Remix a listen…

My fave tune from Madonna’s wildly disjointed (in a good way!) Madame X, Crave, gets a big room DJ friendly remix shot through with roaring adrenaline and a sexy bit of testosterone. The slow burn of the original gets a spark up to a steady tribal bonfire without sacrificing the sultry hook and easy flow of the original. Kudos for keeping the lazy haze of the tune front and center, anchoring it with a serious dancefloor friendly rhythm upgrade.

Co-remixer on the track DJ Dan De Leon told The Queer Review why he’s drawn to Madonna’s music and what he wanted to bring out with his mix of Crave: “Madonna’s Madame X really resonates with me, not to mention that she’s the biggest female pop star in the world and one of my biggest inspirations! It’s always been a dream of mine to work with her and her music, but this album was special. Madame X is about love and life, the adventures and the dangers, and living your truth. I think that perfectly sums up the last two years of my life so this really means a lot. Crave in particular. I feel like I was meant to work on this song, destiny. It’s a great reminder of a lesson learned and a beautiful message to impart on others through the music.”

De Leon continued: “We wanted to imbue our mix with our feelings; in terms of the vocals I think we’re really highlighting the interplay between Madonna’s role in the lyric as the craver and Swae Lee’s warnings. It’s powerful.”

You can download De Leon and Griego’s unreleased Crave dub mix here.

Dan De Leon will be DJing on February 15th at RAM PARTY in San Antonio USA and on February 27th he’ll be in Australia at the Sydney Mardi Gras underwear party at ARC.

By James Derek Dwyer

Dan De Leon & Anthony Griego. Photo credit: Frankie Fizz Media

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