Your DISCO Needs You – Album Review: DISCO by Kylie ★★★★

Our dancefloors are empty and dark. Lunatic right wing clowns fumble responses to a global pandemic. You have to take your little shots of happiness where you can get them – from the best sources, the brightest lights. Even if that neon laser light is reflected from a disco ball. 

Suddenly, Kylie Minogue drops her latest album that coalesces all that she is known to be into a mighty roar of what will be. Her latest is DISCO, a collection of futuristic, slick songs for the dancefloors in our minds, ones remembered, and ones awaiting us once the Covid-19 is finally vanquished.  

Kylie Minogue (© Darenote Ltd. 2020)

Now titling an album DISCO is about as subtle as a white horse in a nightclub and probably as gay as Christmas, and some of the tunes seem a little home brew but why get riled when the music is warm summer beachy breezes and sexy winter holiday mash ups set to an irresistible beat? Kylie gets up to her classic brand of Magic immediately on the first track and continues to cut the rug through all subsequent tracks. She’s the popstar I’d prefer to party with, even more so than Madame X. Kylie is a self-proclaimed showgirl and her self-identified duty is to get every butt moving. DISCO is a gorgeous of the moment take on the music of her most faithful followers that invites everyone to the next time we can party Saturday night away into a Sunday morning cuddle.

Essential tracks : Magic, Supernova, Say Something (one of her greatest first DISCO singles), I Love It, Miss A Thing and the Donna Summer ode to joy,  Last Chance. 

By James Derek Dwyer

Kylie’s DISCO is out now.

Kylie – DISCO

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