Film Review: Gemini Man ★

Hot take: Decidedly mediocre yet technologically impressive. Ang Lee’s Gemini Man may be notable for its tour de force innovative visual special effects, but sadly by every other measure it’s a thoroughly pedestrian action film. With a paint by numbers plot, the surprises are nowhere to be found, resulting in a movie that’s lifeless and... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Joker ★★★★1/2

Joker Embraces the Darkness to Make a Haunting Unforgettable Film Joker is an uncomfortable watch, but director Todd Phillips intends it to be uncomfortable. Anytime the protagonist of a film is homicidal and unstable the audience should feel uneasy. While Joker is not revolutionary filmmaking, it is unique to the genre of comic-book-inspired film. Embracing... Continue Reading →

The Queer Review meets Ryan Murphy’s The Politician star Jessica Lange “I’ve always been a gay icon”

With Ryan Murphy's new series The Politician launching on Netflix this Friday 27th September, one of its stars, Ryan Murphy regular and all-round legendary two-time Oscar-winner Jessica Lange was in New York for a press conference today to talk about her role on the show as "terrifying" grandmother Dusty Jackson. The Queer Review's James Kleinmann... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview: Conversion Therapy Survivor Alex Cooper “it doesn’t matter if there’s physical abuse or not, it’s always torture”

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story which premieres on Lifetime this Saturday 28th September at 8pm ET/PT 7pm C, is based on the harrowing true story of what happened when 15-year-old Alex Cooper (played by Addison Holley) came out to her devout Mormon parents. Throwing her out of their Southern California home they forced her to... Continue Reading →

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