Salem Horror Fest 2020 Review: Hunger ★★★

Judah (Judah Vivancos) is a dancer. He’s a beautiful dancer and a beautiful man, lithe and muscled and with perfect razor-angled stubble. He dances primarily with the alluring Rebekah (Leonor Campillo), and while their choreographer and director have a lot to say about how they can improve, director Manu Herrera’s camera captures their performance with... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Rialto ★★★

Colm (Tom Vaughn-Lawlor) is a forty-something man in crisis. His father recently died, sending him spiraling about his relationship with his own son, who hates him. He’s unhappy with work, he’s unhappy at home, he’s drinking way too much to compensate; and, oh yeah, when he’s approached by a young blond hustler, (Tom Glynn-Carney) in... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Summerland ★★★

I love a road movie. They’re inherently cinematic — full of new locations, new sights to see, and characters always in motion — and they literalize the idea of characters “going on a journey” over the course of a film. Summerland, the new road-trip comedy from directing team Lankyboy (Kurtis David Harder & Noah Kentis),... Continue Reading →

TV Review: Away ★★★1/2

New space drama Away, which launches on Netflix today Friday September 4th, feels like a show out of time. The series focuses on mankind’s first mission to Mars, with a crew of international astronauts led by an American, Commander Emma Green (Hilary Swank). In her crew are a Russian cosmonaut and engineer Misha Popov (Mark... Continue Reading →

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