Exclusive Interview: teen comedy Dramarama filmmaker Jonathan Wysocki – “I feel like there’s a secret society of us.”

One of the best films so far at this year’s Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival is Dramarama, a sweet comedy about five drama club friends getting together for one last murder-mystery dinner party before they all go off to college. It’s an unconventional teen flick, one where the characters are largely resistant to change instead... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Yes, God, Yes ★★★★

Between Lady Bird, Pen15, and now Yes, God, Yes, we've officially reached the point where nostalgic coming-of-age media is nostalgic for the time period where I came of age: the early 2000s. I've spent my life watching movies and TV shows that were nostalgic for a time before I was born, learning how to decode... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Pier Kids ★★★★

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic — boy, am I tired of starting articles with those words — film festivals around the world are finding new methods of distributing movies to fans. An unexpected benefit of the situation is that festivals, which are by their very nature dependent on geography, open themselves up to film fans... Continue Reading →

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