Exclusive Interview: October Faction star Aurora Burghart "you feel invisible if you don’t see yourself reflected in the art around you"

With IDW Entertainment's October Faction hitting Netflix this Thursday January 23rd, The Queer Review's editor James Kleinmann spoke exclusively with one of its stars, Aurora Burghart. She plays Viv Allen on the show, the twin sister of out and proud gay high schooler Geoff (Gabriel Darku). In the wide-ranging interview, Aurora praises how Geoff's sexuality... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview: Erotic Artist Sam Morris

Before OnlyFans enabled the monetisation of nudes and sexual encounters for the masses, gay erotic artist Sam Morris had already launched his own website, SamMorris.me, to share his conceptualised, documentary style portraits and videos without fear of social media censorship. Asking his followers to pay for what he’d previously been offering for free on Tumblr... Continue Reading →

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