Drew Droege’s New Show Happy Birthday Doug takes on Gay Men, Aging, Friendship & Molly

After taking Off-Broadway by storm last year with his solo show Bright Colors and Bold Patterns, actor Drew Droege (AKA Chloë Sevigny from those hilarious viral videos) is back with another look at contemporary gay life, Happy Birthday Doug, in which he plays nine different gay men at a wine bar birthday party in Los Angeles.

Drew Droege’s Happy Birthday Doug plays LA’s at Dynasty Typewriter 27th July 2019

The Queer Review contributor Dennis Hensley interviewed Drew recently for his Dennis Anyone? podcast where Drew discussed his inspiration for the show and why he loves playing unlikeable characters. He also recalls the tumultuous journey of his TV show Heathers and shares this fan encounter story from when he was doing Bright Colors and Bold Patterns in New York: “One night after the show, I was going down the steps to get the C Train and I tripped over the turnstile, almost ate it, dropped everything, my hat, my gloves…made it onto the train, a sweaty mess and of course, there’s these two totally hot guys on there trying not to laugh at me…and then I noticed that they had my program under their arm. No one spoke. We were all too embarrassed. I hope that they had a nice laugh about it. I know I did…about a week later.”

Click on the image below to hear the full Dennis Anyone? interview with Drew Droege on Apple Podcasts or head to Stitcher.

Happy Birthday Doug synopsis: Doug is turning 41 today. He’s visited by friends, nightmares, a few exes, and even a ghost. Imagine a gay Christmas Carol/ modern day exorcism set in a wine bar in Silverlake. Welcome to the party!

The details: Drew Droege’s Happy Birthday Doug is at the Dynasty Typewriter Los Angeles on Tuesday July 23rd at 8pm. For more information or to purchase tickets head to the Dynasty Typewriter website.

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