Boys! Boys! Boys! Volume 5 – Paris Photo – 1-12 November on Paddle8

Boys! Boys! Boys! is back in its 5th edition to coincide with Paris Photo, the world’s largest photo fair. In a continuing partnership between leading contemporary online auction house Paddle8 and London’s The Little Black Gallery’s Ghislain Pascal.

Tim Hailand’s Oliver standing Tiegarten Berlin, 2017, 2017

Boys! Boys! Boys! is a celebration of established and emerging queer and gay photographers. Combining more than 90 works by artists like Will McBride and Andy Warhol, as well as up-and-comers Tyler Udall, David Charles Collins, Aurélien Nobécourt-Arras, and more, Boys! is an evocative and exuberant testament of self-discovery, gender identity, and boisterous youth.

A limited selection of featured works is now available in a buy-now format through the debut Boys! Storefront, highlighting some of the auction’s biggest hits from past and present. View the Storefront here.

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is a global project, working with more than 50 photographers from 20 different countries, to promote queer and gay photography. “When we started this journey two years ago we could never have imagined it would grow into such a huge project”, said curator Ghislain Pascal, The Little Black Gallery. “That said, it still shocks me the level of homophobia we receive from the media and Facebook who refuse to feature photographs of men.” Future plans include a new Boys! Boys! Boys! book to be published by Mendo and teNeues in April 2020.

The auction runs from 1st to 12th November on Paddle8 and features work by the following:
AdeY (UK)
Alex Avgud (Russia)
Domenico Cennamo (Italy)
David Charles Collins (Australia)
Alejo Dillor (Argentina)
Ivan Donadio (Italy)
Thibault Gaëtan Dubroca (France)
John Dugdale (USA)
Nicolas Efimtcev (Russia)
Eber Figueira (France)
Andreas Fux (Germany)
Stephane Gizard (France)
Phil Griffin (UK)
Alexandre Haefeli (Switzerland)
Jerome Haffner (France)
Tim Hailand (UK)
Brice Hardelin (France)
Florian Hetz (Germany)
David Hilliard (USA)
Steven Klein (USA)
Dmitry Komissarenko (Ukraine)
Zak Krevitt (USA)
Will McBride (USA)
Paul McDonald (UK)
Ryan McGinley (USA)
Manuel Moncayo (Mexico)
Lucas Murnaghan (Canada)
Aurélien Nobécourt-Arras (France)
Michael James O’Brien (USA)
Sebastian Perinotti (Argentina)
Spyros Rennt (Greece)
Brandon Rizzuto (USA)
Mauricio A. Rodriguez (Venezuela)
Stuart Sandford (UK)
Sam Scott Schiavo (USA)
Michael Søndergaard (Denmark)
Arthus Tress (USA)
Luis Venegas (Spain)
Gerardo Vizmanos (Spain)
Tyler Udall (Canada)
Andy Warhol (USA)
Karlheinz Weinberger (Switzerland)
Sarp Kerem Yavuz (Turkey)

Boys! Boys! Boys! Volume 5, an auction of queer and gay photographs curated by Ghislain Pascal of The Little Black Gallery, is now available to view and bid exclusively on Paddle8 until 12th November.

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