Sexual Healing – Album Review: Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure? ★★★★★

This is THAT rare release. And exactly what we need right now. A lightning-in-a-bottle-powered glitter ball just waiting to quicken a lonely dance lover’s pulse. This is a conceptual disco diva album that grabs you immediately by the brain, the feet and some popular parts in between. Spotlight sets the stage with a slinky dip into a one night stand dance floor encounter. From there the title track carries into a suite of sensual skin on skin melodic beat driven anthems. Read My Lips will make you miss all the trouble you can’t get into at the nightclub and in the bedroom right now. Soul Control slips and slides, shimmying into a sexy stream of consciousness. Save a Kiss melts any resistance. It will dominate any dance floor it fills effortlessly. The Kill is a breezy yet dark trance that many a chanteuse would kill for. 

But interestingly enough, my fave on the album is the slower, vaguely 5th Dimension-esque track Remember Where You Are. The lyric, perhaps, a prescient plea to take note of this momentous time in our collective history and stay the course by cherishing the simpler, personal things in life. A beautiful moment in Jessie Ware’s career. 

Jessie Ware. Couresty of PMR Records / Friends Keep Secrets/ Interscope Records.

As with a lot of (instant) classic albums, it feels like I’ve always heard this collection of tunes in my head, in my heart and that Ware the artist has effortlessly translated those vibes into a digital diva signal beamed out with all the power of her voice. It is hard to imagine an album that would knock this from the best release of 2020 slot. 

 A lifeline to a future where we can all dance together again. 

Essential tracks: What’s Your Pleasure, Save a Kiss, Read My Lips, The Kill, Remember Where You Are. 

By James Derek Dwyer

Twitter: @JamesDerekDwyer / Instagram: @JamesDerekDwyer

Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure? is out now via PMR Records / Friends Keep Secrets/ Interscope Records.

Jessie Ware’s fourth album What’s Your Pleasure? is available now
Jessie Ware – What’s Your Pleasure?
Jessie Ware – Soul Control

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