Kickstart the Grind as Glitter Vipers nears funding goal

A drag queen and their LGBTQ+ friends hit the streets to fight homophobia in this queer grindhouse, glitter noir revenge fantasy. That’s the set-up of Glitter Vipers, a new queer graphic novel that’s nearing its funding goal on Kickstarter.

Written by Joe Glass, best known as writer of LGBTQ+ superhero series The Pride and for working on Manila Luzon’s Instagram Robbed comic, the story centers on a Manchester drag queen Bi Phallicia and her friends who get together to fight back against hate crime…. and a dark conspiracy.

Glitter Vipers by Katie Fleming

Together, the Glitter Vipers face off with bigoted politicians and queer-bashers in what promises to be a “grindhouse” revenge fantasy covered in glitter.

With art by Katie Fleming (100 Times) and Kelly Fitzpatrick (Bitch Planet, Wonder Woman) the book is just shy of its funding goal with less than three weeks to go. The book is due to be released in October.

Add-ons for backers include signatures, holographic stickers, patches as well as physical and digital copies of the book (and the creators thanks).

Head to Kickstarter to help get the team over the line.

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