Pop artist on the rise Josey Greenwell tells us about his latest single Fiesta for Two featuring K-Lero

New York-dwelling pop artist on the rise and fitness instructor Josey Greenwell has just released his new single a catchy late summer anthem Fiesta for Two featuring K-Lero, from his forthcoming debut album City Games. And, yes, he does sound as good as he looks.

“The inspiration for this track was really wanting to experiment not only with different sounds, but different cultures,” Greenwell tells The Queer Review. “It had been in my back pocket for a while to write a spanglish track with my producer, who is from Spain, but it just took a while to figure out how to do it. I decided to acoustically write the track, and then my producer styled up this heavy hitting Latin beat while keeping some acoustic elements from the original demo. I think it’s become something truly special. I wanted a rapper to be featured with me, and heard of the upcoming K-Lero in Spain. I reached out and he was so down to collaborate. Not only did he deliver a flawless rap, but he also sang along with me! He shines on this track, I feel like it’s his song!”

On whether the Fiesta for Two gives us a good flavour of what we can expect his forthcoming album, Greenwell tells us, “It’s definitely a one of a kind track, but it does hint at the pulse and energy of the entire project. The album is very pulse beat driven and doesn’t have a lot of room for down time, such as the fast pace of New York City which inspired it. Always moving, always going, with a ton of energy on this emotional rollercoaster between yourself and others, that’s City Games.”

Stream Fiesta for Two and Josey Greenwell’s previous singles Fire Eyes, 102, Cowboy and more off of the forthcoming album on Spotify here; or download/stream from other providers music here. City Games will be released November 13th 2020.

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