Exclusive Interview: Bronze Avery on his new folk-pop disco track Sea Salt “there’s a great sense of pride when other queer people are inspired to live their truths because I’m doing it in my music”

Yesterday saw the release of LA based queer singer-songwriter-producer Bronze Avery’s latest single Sea Salt, featuring Miss Benny. It’s a folky fall slow dance anthem to warm the soul with beautifully smooth and sultry vocals and emotional lyrics that cut deep. The Queer Review’s editor James Kleinmann had an exclusive chat with Bronze Avery about the track and his inspirations.

Bronze Avery. Courtesy of Bronze Avery.

James Kleinmann, The Queer Review: Congratulations on the new single. Tell us a bit about what inspired Sea Salt?

Bronze Avery: “Sea Salt was inspired by the idea of losing a love and keeping them in your life, even though everyone else is ready for them to be gone. It’s about forgiveness, grace, and new starts.”

Bronze Avery. Courtesy of Bronze Avery.

For anyone who hasn’t heard the track yet how would you describe it?

“Sonically it’s a folk-pop emotional disco track.”

Who did you collaborate with on Sea Salt?

“I produced and mixed the entire track myself. I wrote the first verse and chorus and listened to the demo over and over, knowing I needed a voice that wasn’t mine on the song. That voice was Miss Benny’s. They sent back their verse and added an outro and I wrapped it up with some ad libs of my own.”

Bronze Avery — Sea Salt (feat. Miss Benny)

I love the music video, tell us about the concept behind that and what it was like to film?

“I spent weeks thinking about what I wanted the video to be like. I of course wanted it to be simple in nature, COVID safe, and really emotional. I’ve been dying to do a one-take video for forever, and this was the right opportunity to do it. I rented a driver (who wore a mask) and got into this old Austrian army trooper van and drove around my neighborhood of Echo Park. It felt really sentimental to do it somewhere I’m super familiar with. I think it’ll be something I remember forever. I also love working with Miss Benny. We’re friends, so it was just nice to see them and chat for hours over sushi after the shoot was done.”

Bronze Avery. Courtesy of Bronze Avery.

Is this track part of a forthcoming EP or album, and if so does it give us a good flavour of what we can expect?

Sea Salt isn’t intended a part of an album—that I know of—but it’s a part of a wave of new songs that are more emotional, more somber. I have plenty of songs I’m dying to share and this is a great encapsulation of what they’ll sound like.”

Who are the musical artists you most admire and who’ve had the biggest influence on you as an artist?

“I admire any strong female really, but I’m currently inspired by Charli XCX, BANKS, Jim-E Stack, Maggie Rogers, Fleetwood Mac, Gwen Stefani, and countless others. I’m also inspired by all of my friends that create music as well. It’s such a tight and supportive community, I always wanna see what’s going on.”

How does your own queer identify influence your work?

“Being queer is my story in a way. My music isn’t about being queer or the queer experience because I intended it to be like that, it’s just a natural by-product when you’re telling truthful stories about your life. There’s a great sense of pride when other queer people are inspired to live their truths because I’m doing it in my music, or because Lil Nas X, or Fletcher is doing it in theirs. It’s important to see queer lives and perspectives in music to further prove our validity in society.”

By James Kleinmann

Bronze Avery’s Sea Salt (feat. Miss Benny) is out now.

Visit Bronze Avery’s official website. Follow him on Instagram @BronzeAvery and Twitter @BronzeAvery.

Bronze Avery’s Sea Salt (feat. Miss Benny) is out now.

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