Genre-bending trans horror comedy series Spookable in final days of crowdfunding campaign

Filmmakers Marval A Rex and Jonathan Andre Culliton are in the final days of their Seed and Spark Crowdfunding Campaign  for Spookablea trans, genre-bending horror comedy series, executive produced by Zackary Drucker (TransparentThe Lady and the Dale).

Spookable tells the story of two transgender best friends, Sean (Marval A Rex) and Tahmina (Alexandra Grey), whose vacation in the woods turns into a Wonderland-esque journey into a supernatural world. Sean is a jockish white trans man who, through his fearless bravado and questionable intelligence, gets lost in the woods and turns into a werewolf. In order to save Sean, Tahmina, a gorgeous and brilliant Black trans woman, must face the very evil that took him. Together they become fighters of otherworldly evil while their lives, and relationship, change forever. 

The series blurs the lines between horror, comedy, and romance. It follows a creature-of-the-week format similar to Supernatural and Goosebumps, subverting monster tropes within a queer-centric universe. Throughout the series the two lead characters are pushed and pulled by the ties of their friendship as it turns to romance, and the life-or-death, good-vs-evil choices they must make.

Spookable is also unique in its new approach to queer and trans cinema. The series stars trans leads and will feature a majority-queer crew, but pushes beyond the tropes of traditional LGBTQ storytelling.

“We’ve come such a long way in representing the lived experiences of trans and nonbinary people in film and television, and yet we have such a long way to go,” explains Executive Producer Zackary Drucker. “These characters are unprecedented, the script is hilarious and original, and is beyond what cis Hollywood and the status quo has in their public imagination.”

“Which would you rather see?” adds co-writer and star Marval A Rex,  “A trans coming out story? Or two trans people fighting supernatural evil with a bunch of sex and fart jokes? We’re excited to branch out of trans narratives for beginners and into an uncharted dimension of trans cinema.”

Spookable’s Seed and Spark Campaign, which launched on April 6th, will raise funds for the pilot episode. “We’re ambitious, but we’re also being realistic about what’s possible in a COVID-landscape,” says Co-Writer and Director Jonathan Andre Culliton. “Our locations are budget friendly, the pilot only requires three actors, and we can shoot with a small, dedicated crew.”

The Spookable Seed & Spark campaign runs until May 12th. You can follow or contribute to the campaign here:

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