Graphic Novel Review: Pool Boys by Josh Trujillo & Josh Cornillon ★★★★

Fancy a quick dip in the pool surrounded by multiversal demonic hotties? You’re in luck, Pool Boys is here to get you wet with two little tales of romance and intrigue in short shorts.

Paul is one of the pool boys at the Solitaire Resort, a Palm Springs getaway for horny warriors who just need a sunny break from their own realities. Micah is an interdimensional demon passing through the resort. When the usually rule-abiding Paul throws caution to the wind for a room-serviced romp, he gets caught up in a flood of emotions. What if this wasn’t just a summer fling? And what happens when Micah’s ex turns up?

Writer Josh Trujillo (Marvel’s Hulkling & Wiccan and DC’s Blue Beetle: Graduation Day) and artist Josh Cornillon (Young Men in Love) lay the groundwork here for bigger stories to come. After bursting through their Kickstarter goal by 300%, and with Pool Boys 2 already announced, have no fear that these boys are here for a good time AND a long time. 

Pool Boys by Josh Trujillo and Josh Cornillon.

The first part of the comic sets up Paul and Micah’s illicit fling in the resort and is all fun and sexy games, while the second part expands the cast and sets the stage for a mystery. You get the impression the success of the Kickstarter took the Josh’s by surprise and let them expand the narrative beyond a cute “one and done” tale into something with more stamina. The second part acts as a prologue to Pool Boys 2 and it’s a juicy little snippet to get you hooked.

I love that Paul isn’t some generic six-packed, OnlyFans hottie; he’s a regular guy with a regular body just trying to do his job when he catches Micah’s eye. And Micah? Well if you’ve ever had inappropriate thoughts about the X-Men’s Nightcrawler, then you’ll love this daddy-fied version. 

Pool Boys by Josh Trujillo and Josh Cornillon.

Despite the comic’s genre-heavy premise, the story is completely grounded. It’s one thing to have a great love affair on vacation when your guard is down, but what happens when day-to-day reality kicks in? Is it worth pursuing? Should Paul brush it off and get on with his job? Can a fast love also be a deep love?

With 47 pages of comic (28 pages of story and a whole host of pinups from the likes of Sina Grace, Luciano Vecchio, Dillon Snook, Cara McGee, Rob Hebert, and more), you get some major bang for your buck. Plus a cover by David Talaski never hurts.

Cornillon promised the book would be “scorching hot, aching, bittersweet, and sexy all at once” and he and Trujillo have put their money where their hellmouth is. The demons are thotty and the story is refreshingly charming. Pool Boys is sunny, sweaty fun that promises more adventures, and romances to come. Definitely worth checking out.

By Chad Armstrong

Pool Boys is available for pre-order till April 27th from your local comic book outlet and solicited for release in June from Headless Shakespeare Press.

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