Exclusive Interview: queer pop newcomer Nicolas McCoppin on his upcoming single Remember That Night “it’s about those feelings of falling in love for the first time”

New York based gay pop newcomer Nicolas McCoppin is following up last year's hit singles Stuck and Ur Love, which gained over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone, with his latest offering Remember That Night. The dreamy electro pop summer anthem, launching June 5th, is taken from his forthcoming as yet untitled album, which promises more... Continue Reading →

Exclusive single premiere: queer electro pop artist Joel Christian’s gritty dance track Hell Raiser “this song should make you forget your fears”

Today The Queer Review exclusively premieres Hell Raiser by emerging queer electo-pop artist, Joel Christian. The energetic dance track is filled with gritty synths, heavy drops and mysterious glitches that characterise LA based Christian's niche brand of dark-pop. The first single from his debut album, releasing later this year, Hell Raiser is a dirty night club... Continue Reading →

TV Review: Queer Eye season 5 ★★★★

N.B. Contains potential season 5 spoilers.I’ve just spent the past few days binging all ten episodes of the upcoming fifth season of Queer Eye, which lands on Netflix right on time for Pride month on June 5th, and I am feeling pretty amazing actually; upbeat and optimistic. It's the kind of afterglow you get when... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Out ★★★★

In 1978 Harvey Milk, who would have turned 90 today, urged his "gay brothers and sisters" that they "must come out. Come out to your parents...once and for all, break down the myths. Destroy the lies and distortions. For your sake. For their sake." Over four decades later the act of coming out, particularly to... Continue Reading →

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