LFF 2019 Short Film Reviews

A number of great short films were screened at the London Film Festival this year, covering a whole range of topics. Here were some of the queer shorts (and a few more I just enjoyed). Dawn of a New Gay by Rosie Gaunt-Mathieson Jack Rooke walks us through his first sexual experience as an 18... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Gemini Man ★

Hot take: Decidedly mediocre yet technologically impressive. Ang Lee’s Gemini Man may be notable for its tour de force innovative visual special effects, but sadly by every other measure it’s a thoroughly pedestrian action film. With a paint by numbers plot, the surprises are nowhere to be found, resulting in a movie that’s lifeless and... Continue Reading →

LFF 2019 Film Review: Little Joe ★★

A B-movie science-thriller made with art-house movie aestetics, Little Joe is a weird beast of a film. Emily Beecham stars as Alice, a geneticist working on a designer flower that has the ability to use scent to elevate moods. Alice has a ruthless streak, sabotaging other researcher’s plants to service her own, racing to be... Continue Reading →

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