“That’d be great, I would love to do that” – Alan Cumming on a Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion sequel

While talking with The Queer Review about his latest film—Jono McLeod's fascinating documentary My Old School in which he gives a captivating lip-sync performance—actor Alan Cumming reflected back on one of his most beloved roles, Sandy Frink in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Twenty five years after that film's release, stars Lisa Kudrow and... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview: Alan Cumming & Jono McLeod on telling “the perfect high school movie story” with My Old School

With his intriguing and innovative feature documentary My Old School, filmmaker Jono McLeod revisits the now legendary, stranger-than-fiction story of a Scottish high school student who went by the name of Brandon Lee. A former classmate of McLeod's, Lee had enrolled at Bearsden Academy in Glasgow, Scotland in 1993. After leaving the school the following... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview: Anything’s Possible star Abubakr Ali “a big question for me, both in my life & in my work, is how do I mobilize my privilege to uplift those around me?”

Abubakr Ali, who graduated the Yale School of Drama alongside Jeremy O. Harris in 2019, made entertainment industry headlines last September when he was cast as the first Arab Muslim man to play a lead role in a screen comic book adaptation. Following TV guest spots on shows like The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Katy... Continue Reading →

Outfest LA 2022 Film Review: ALL MAN The International Male Story ★★★★

Following its world premiere at Tribeca last month, directors Bryan Darling and Jesse Finley Reed's delectable ALL MAN: The International Male Story plays the 40th Anniversary Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ+ Film Festival on Saturday, July 16th. The feature documentary chronicles the history of the alluring men's fashion catalogue, International Male, with insights from the insiders... Continue Reading →

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