Harry Clayton-Wright’s Sex Education at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

One parent refuses to talk about sex. The other buys their son gay porn DVDs…Well, what was your sex education like?

Performance artist, mischief maker and internet provocateur, Harry Clayton-Wright is delving into his own sexual and family history, to understand how that shaped his here and now. 

Wearing a beautiful charity shop wedding dress, Harry narrates the gay porn that was his first introduction to sex, candidly shares his sexual encounters; the good, the bad, and everything in between, and asks the question: why are we still so bad at talking about sex?

Throughout, we hear a conversation between Harry and his Mum, a former Christian missionary. How does she feel about the frequently explicit work he makes? About the fact his nudes are plastered all over the internet? How would she feel if he did porn? Does she think he’s a top or a bottom? Their experiences are world’s apart, but through their speech we hear their closeness, and somehow, everything makes sense.

Delivered with candour, warmth and positivity, this is the sex education class that everyone needs. Come for the lessons. Stay for the cucumber sandwiches.

The details: Sex Education by Harry Clayton-Wright at Summerhall, TechCube 0, EH9 1PL. 7.10pm (1hr) £12 / £10. 31 July-25 August (not 1, 12, 19). For tickets: www.summerhall.co.uk @summerhallery 0131 560 1580 / tickets.edfringe.com @edfringe 0131 226 0026

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