The BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! are back in town with a new book & online photography exhibition “celebrating the nude male form in all its glory”

Main image: Lo cotidiano © Serge Le Hidalgo.

A new photography book celebrating the beauty of the male form, BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!, has just been announced. Edited by Ghislain Pascal and published this Pride month by teNeues and Mendo, the latest volume in the series presents a contemporary collection of images from over 50 international queer photographers, with all royalties from book sales going to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The publication coincides with the launch of a new online art platform on June 1st 2020.

CORSO SEMPIONE © Sam Scott Schiavo

This pride month will also see an online Boys! Boys! Boys! exhibition go live from June 4th 2020 at The New York based Fotografiska gallery is partnering with London’s The Little Black Gallery for the exhibition that is set to feature 50 influential queer photographers from 21 countries. The exhibition is curated by The Little Black Gallery’s co-founder Ghislain Pascal, who says “When I first started BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! it was very much a personal project. Now it has become my crusade to create a world platform for queer and gay fine art photography. The project is very specifically about celebrating the nude male form in all its glory. I want to inspire people to realise that it’s perfectly acceptable to buy and hang artworks of beautiful naked men and exhibit them in their homes, to be enjoyed every day. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I can’t think of anything I’d rather look at. While both the male and female form has been the subject of art and artists for millennia, for some reason there is a fear of exhibiting the male nude. I want us to be proud of every element of our sexuality.”

A Portrait of Lemmie with Green Velvet © David Charles Collins

“2020 will mark the third year that the BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! project will be curated and exhibited”, Pascal continues, “and the first time the exhibition will be hosted in the United States. The project was originally intended to be installed at Fotografiska New York’s 6th Floor Main Stage venue, however due to the museum’s temporary closure brought on by COVID-19, the two organizations have partnered to bring the experience online.”

Eric © Stephane Gizard

“Fotografiska believes in provoking and exhibiting a diversity of perspectives,” says Amanda Hajjar, Director of Exhibitions for Fotografiska New York. “We were very excited about the opportunity to partner with The Little Black Gallery on this project, especially since NYC Pride is cancelled this year. This is a way we can still shine light on and celebrate the valuable narratives of our LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters and non-binary community.”

Le Vigoureux © Lulu Delafalaise

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! the exhibition will feature work by the following photographers: AdeY (UK) Peter Arnold (UK) Alex Avgud (Russia) Domenico Cennamo (Italy) David Charles Collins (Australia) Lulu Delafalaise (France) Alejo Dillor (Argentina) Ivan Donadio (Italy) Diogo Duarte (Portugal) Thibault Gaëtan Dubroca (France) Nicholas Efimtcev (Russia) Andreas Fux (Germany) Stephane Gizard (France) Greg Gorman (USA) Phil Griffin (UK) Alexandre Haefeli (Switzerland) Babak Haghi (Iran) Jerome Haffner (France) Tim Hailand (USA) Brice Hardelin (France) Florian Hetz (Germany) Dmitry Komissarenko (Ukraine) Richard Kranzin (Germany) Zak Krevitt (USA) Raj Kamal (India) Serge Le Hidalgo (Spain) Paul McDonald (UK) Manuel Moncayo (Mexico) Lucas Murnaghan (Canada) Aurélien Nobécourt-Arras (France) Michael James O’Brien (USA) Sebastian Perinotti (Argentina) Laurence Philomene (Canada) Spyros Rennt (Greece) Roy Rietstap (The Netherlands) Brandon Rizzuto (USA) Mauricio A. Rodriguez (Venezuela) Xavier Samre (France) Stuart Sandford (UK) Ruben van Schalm (The Netherlands) Sam Scott Schiavo (USA) Luke Smithers (USA) Michael Søndergaard (Denmark) Birk Thomassen (Denmark) Tyler Udall (Canada) Luis Venegas (Spain) Gerardo Vizmanos (Spain) Shen Wei (China) Sarp Kerem Yavuz (Turkey) Vlad Zorin (Russia)

Pre-order your copy of BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! at For more information about BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! head to On June 4th visit the online exhibition BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! Follow BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! on Instagram @queer_art_photography.

Maşşşallah © Sarp Kerem Yavuz

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