Exclusive Interview: Schitt’s Creek star Jennifer Robertson on Single All The Way “we have more than enough hetero Christmas rom-coms”

Following our exclusive interview with Single All The Way screenwriter Chad Hodge, as the launch of Netflix’s first gay Christmas rom-com on Thursday December 2nd approaches we share our conversations with the film’s cast starting with Schitt’s Creek star Jennifer Robertson.

Stefano Dimatteo as Tony and Jennifer Robertson as Lisa in Single All The Way. Photo credit: Philippe Bosse/Netflix © 2021.

During her chat with The Queer Review’s editor James Kleinmann, Jennifer told us why she thought it was important for films like Single All The Way and series like Schitt’s Creek to show an accepting environment for LGBTQ+ folks, offering “The more we portray these things as normal—because they are completely normal—in books and media and film, I think the more it will normalize for the world. Most of my nearest and dearest are LGBTQ and I feel like it’s important for me and for the people that I love to show this is just love”. Adding, “And it’s Christmas, and we’ve all been single at Christmas!”

“I think we all crave Christmas movies”, continues Robertson, “we can all recite many of them word-for-word, and we have more than enough hetero Christmas rom-coms to last us for quite some time, so I think it was time to mix that up a little bit and to get a little diversity.”

Michael Urie as Peter and Jennifer Coolidge as Aunt Sandy in Single All The Way. Photo credit: Philippe Bosse/Netflix © 2021.

Talking about her co-stars Michael Urie, who plays her character Lisa’s single brother Peter, and Jennifer Coolidge, who plays Lisa’s Aunt Sandy, she enthuses, “I have one brother in real life, but I’d like two and I’d like the other one to be Michael. He’s so professional. He’s so funny. He totally held that cast together. He was absolutely the root of all of the wonderful things that it became. The first scene I had with Jennifer was with the one where she’s sitting on the couch with that drink saying that ‘the gays are obsessed with her’. It was so hard not to just break out laughing because she’s so incredibly funny and she’s really sweet and really soft-spoken in real life. I would like all these people to my actual family members. There was not a stinker in the mix!”

Watch the full video interview below:

Schitt’s Creek star Jennifer Robertson on Netflix’s first gay holiday romcom Single All The Way

Single All The Way launches globally on Netflix on Thursday December 2nd 2021.

Single All The Way | Official Trailer | Netflix

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