Steven Menendez Fine Art Photography Exhibition Apollonian Visions at Leslie Lohman Project Space NYC Dec 3rd-5th

APOLLONIAN VISIONS: Steven Menendez Fine Art Photography Exhibition

As displayed in his work in Apollonian Visions, award-winning fine art photographer Steven Menendez explores and finds inspiration in the Apollonian attributes of Grace, Reason, Culture, Harmony, Healing, and Reflection. “These attributes were mirrored in the male nude of ancient Greek art and philosophy”, Menendez tells The Queer Review. “Apollo is also considered the patron of same-sex love, as he had many male lovers and was often invoked to bless homosexual unions. He was also referred to as ‘the champion of male love’ by Romanian-American author, mythographer, and playwright Andrew Callimach. The series of photographs were created in 2020 and 2021 and I’m excited that this exhibition will be the first show at the Leslie Lohman Project Space since the pandemic shutdowns.”

APOLLONIAN VISIONS Steven Menendez Fine Art Photography Exhibition. © Steven Menendez.

“Over the past two years” Menendez continues, “I’ve chosen to open up and dive more deeply into my art and study of stoicism. I’ve studied spiritual and metaphysical teachings for over 30 years and have become deeply attracted to the clarity and simplicity of the stoic philosophy and realized how much of it is reflected in my work. The term Apollonian relates to the god Apollo and the rational, ordered, and self-disciplined aspects of human nature. My work is influenced by the spirit of ancient Greek philosophy and art. They were true worshipers of Beauty, Discipline and Grace and they are the only pantheon to my knowledge where the majority of all of the male gods also had male lovers.”

Event details:

Homage to Apollo…
God of the Sun, Healing, Music, Dance, Poetry, Harmony,Truth, Prophecy and Knowledge.
Opening Reception: Dec 3rd 6pm-9pm
Dec 4th and 5th 12pm-6pm
Dec 5th Artist talk: 3pm-4pm

Proof of Vaccination required

127 (Basement level) Prince Street, New York, NY 10012.

Facebook Event Page.

APOLLONIAN VISIONS Steven Menendez Fine Art Photography Exhibition. © Steven Menendez.

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