BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! queer fine art magazine Volume 2 Pride issue preview

Following the success of the first issue earlier this year, The Little Black Gallery has just announced the publication of Volume 2 of its stunning fine art photography magazine dedicated to queer and gay photography, BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! Here The Queer Review previews some of the work included in the magazine.

Luiz © Xavier Samre.
Rodrigo, 2020 © Xavier Samre.

Volume 2 – the Pride Issue of BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! features ten photographers from nine countries: AdeY (UK), David Charles Collins (Australia), Matthew Finley (USA), Ashish Gupta (India), Manuel Moncayo (Mexico), Juan Antonio Papagni Meca (Argentina), Sebastian Perinotti (Argentina), Mauricio A. Rodriguez (Venezuela), Xavier Samré (France), Inon Sani (Peru), and illustrator Matthew Hetznecker (USA).

MAYBE HE’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE THE WAY HE CHANGED MINE (2) by Juan Antonio Papagni Meca & Matthew Hetznecker.
MAYBE HE’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE THE WAY HE CHANGED MINE (1) by Juan Antonio Papagni Meca & Matthew Hetznecker.

“Despite the pandemic we managed to launch a new independent magazine dedicated to queer and gay photography,” comments Ghislain Pascal, co-founder and co-owner of The Little Black Gallery and curator and editor of BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! “The response has been phenomenal and we are now distributed across the world in some of the most famous magazine stores and kiosks. It just goes to show that there is a market for a well-produced print magazine showcasing fine art photography by queer and gay photographers that is not just a dick magazine!”

From Iquitos story © Inon Sani.

“We are particularly proud to publish the story Iquitos by indigenous Peruvian photographer Inon Sani, a series photographed in the Amazon”, added Pascal. “We also have our first collaboration between a photographer and an illustrator in the beautiful story Maybe He’ll Change Your Life The Way He Changed Mine by Juan Antonio Papagni Meca with Matthew Hetznecker.”

Damaged portrait from Diary Non Diary © Sebastian Perinotti.

Iggy © Sebastian Perinotti.

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! – The Magazine will be officially launched at the BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! exhibition at Fahey Klein Gallery in Los Angeles from June 10th – 30th 2021. There will be further events worldwide including during Photo London in September.

Three of Cups © David Charles Collins.
Eucharist © David Charles Collins.

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! – The Magazine is available in more than 85 stockists worldwide including select Barnes & Noble stores in the USA. $1 from the sale of each magazine goes to charities supporting the LGBTQ+ community and fighting the HIV/AIDS.

Pentagon © Matthew Finley.

Heart © Matthew Finley.

The magazine is another addition to the growing output from The Little Black Gallery and its BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! art platform to promote queer and gay photography which now represents more than 67 photographers from 27 countries – including China, India, Iran, Poland, Russia and Turkey where gay rights are repressed and queer lives under constant threat. There have been online and physical exhibitions, and two sold out BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! books. The first published by The Little Black Gallery in 2019, and the second by teNeues | MENDO in 2020.


Are You Sure? © AdeY.

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