NYC drag queen Robyn Banks launches Black & Boujee a variety show of POC talent Feb 27th at Hush

As Black History month draws to a close, New York drag queen Robyn Banks looks to the future with the launch of a new variety show for POC talent, Black & Boujee, at Hush in Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday, February 27th at 7pm.

Hosted by Banks and fellow drag artist Lola Michele-Kiki, the show will feature 18 performances including drag, music, burlesque, poetry, dance, and more. The lineup is expected to include Zelina Duval, Detoxx Busti-AE, Myster E Mel Kiki, Dey Phoenix, Bianca Dagga, and Senerio.

“I have always been very vocal about getting more POC performers into different bars and lounges in the city,” says Banks, who is the event director of Impulse Group NYC. “I am the kind of person who likes to take action rather than complaining and I believe that change has to start somewhere. There is so much POC talent in New York and I want to showcase as much of it as I can with Black & Boujee. The event is intended to celebrate Black History Month by uplifting performers of color as well as trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming artists, introducing them to a new audience.”   

Impulse Group NYC works to promote informed lifestyle choices and provide resources and education for the LGBTQIA+ community through local events and campaigns. The organization recently hosted The Glam Awards where it introduced two new awards: The Marsha P Johnson Award, which was presented to Brita Filter, and The Advocacy Event of the Year Award, which was presented to Bob the Drag Queen and Peppermint.

Impulse Group NYC is part of the Impulse Group United network of chapters across the US, Mexico, and Southeast Asia, founded in 2009 by Jose Ramos. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to building a stronger and healthier community for the LGBTQIA+ community. Hosting over 400 events annually in 25 cities across the globe, Impulse seeks to create a brave space to engage, support and connect our community. Sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the group was formed to raise awareness of resources and education available around HIV and STI prevention. 

Black & Boujee, a variety show of POC talent, on Sunday, February 27th at 7pm at Hush, 358 West 52nd Street, New York. 10019.

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