Mike Ruiz takes leathermen into the metaverse with NFT drop

Celebrity and fashion photographer Mike Ruiz, continues to expand his ongoing portrait series focusing on the beauty and diversity of the leather community, by taking leathermen into the metaverse. On June 5th, Ruiz will be dropping a series of 100 portraits from his leathermen project as NFTs.

Keyon. Mike Ruiz Leathermen project. Ⓒ Mike Ruiz.

“With the metaverse gaining momentum and art being tokenized digitally”, Ruiz told The Queer Review, “I’ll be dropping this series of portraits of active members of the leather community. My goal is to introduce as much LGBTQ+ culture into as many arenas as possible and to bring more visibility to the leather community in a space where it currently has an insignificant presence”.

Watch the steamy NSFW film directed and produced by Ruiz to promote his Leathermen NFT drop:

Click here for Mike Ruiz’ Leathermen NFT drop on June 5th, 2022.

Read our exclusive extensive interview with Mike Ruiz about his leatherman project.

Mike Ruiz’s solo leathermen exhibition opens at The Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago on June 12th 2022, with a sneak peak at International Mr. Leather (IML) over Memorial Day weekend.

TOM’S FOUNDATION + MIKE RUIZ’S EYE: TEAMS UP + GEARS UP Exhibition at TOM House June 18th – July 2nd 2022. To kick off Daddy’s Day weekend celebrations, Tom of Finland Foundation presents an exciting photography exhibition by world famous fashion photographer Mike Ruiz at TOM House. Mike is setting up shop at TOM’s Bar on June 19th for VIP photo sessions for Leather enthusiasts to be a part of his upcoming book.

Follow Mike Ruiz on Instagram @mikeruizone, Twitter @mikeruiz1, and Facebook, #LeathermenMikeRuiz. Visit his official website here.

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