Exclusive Interview: Queer As Folk star Fin Argus “drag really opened me up to exploring different parts of my gender”

Actor and musician Fin Argus, who stars as Mingus in Stephen Dunn’s reimagining of Queer As Folk, spoke exclusively with The Queer Review’s editor James Kleinmann about what they brought to the character, as well as what the character brought out in them, and performing in drag for the first time for the series.

Fin Argus as Mingus in Queer As Folk. Courtesy of Peacock.

“What did I bring to Mingus? Mainly the sluttiness was tapped from deep within”, jokes Argus, before adding, “No, I think the big thing is the gender queerness. That was inspiration that Stephen took from casting me as the character, because Mingus was originally written as a he/him cis male. So you get to watch that process of them coming into their gender unfold. It’s also very much a non-thing in the show, which is cool too. It’s not like this huge moment where Mingus is like, “Mom, I’m they/them”, you know?! That’s definitely a big part of what I what I brought to Mingus, but I also got a lot from playing Mingus. Doing drag, which I had never done before in the traditional sense, that really opened me up to exploring different parts of my gender that I had not even thought to explore. So it was a symbiotic relationship that Mingus and I had.”

Watch the full interview with Fin Argus and their Queer As Folk co-star Ryan O’Connell:

Fin Argus & Ryan O’Connell on starring in Stephen Dunn’s reimagined Queer As Folk on Peacock

All eight episodes of Queer As Folk are streaming now on Peacock.

Queer as Folk will be available to stream in the UK from 1st July on StarzPlay through Amazon Prime Video, with two new episodes dropping weekly.

Queer As Folk star Fin Argus: “I’ve really come into my queerness & I also got to do that on screen”
Queer as Folk | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

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